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2008-2013 Opel Insignia
Sorry, I didn't notice that was the 5 door version. Please delete the "yes" and my name in the contributor list. I made an error :( 2011-11-19 22:14
2009-2012 Kia Sorento Series II [XM]
Larger pictures if you want replace them :)

2011-11-15 21:22
2008-2015 Martin Motors CE0
This was always under the brand Shuanghuan and with its badge: www.quattroruote.it/listino/shuanghuan/ceo 2011-08-10 13:01
2009-2015 Martin Motors 520i
According to the Italian magazines, the only Martin Motors avaible in Italy is the Bubble... this and the 520 sedan are not (officially) on the market here 2011-08-10 12:58
2009-2012 Fiat Punto Evo
Larger images if you want replace them:

2011-05-27 18:06
1974-1977 Alfa Romeo Giulia Nuova Super
Indeed, It was the abitude to add FWD... Anyway I didn't take the info directly from Wikipedia, but on an Italian site though probably they took info from Wikipedia. Sorry, next time I'll pay more attention about the info source 2011-02-26 17:08
1978-1985 Fiat 126 1a serie [126A]
I had already added them but they are waiting the validation 2011-02-10 18:10
1978-1985 Fiat 126 1a serie [126A]
First series was not made in Poland... (at least only the ones for Polish market) 2011-02-10 17:46
2007-2015 Fiat 500 [312]
Pictures are quite small... can I neplace them? 2011-02-10 17:38
1998-2004 Fiat Multipla 1a serie
@ Rinspeed: I am sorry that you had have add all the engines yourself but it continued to tell me error... but now it works and I'm able to add all the others datas ;) 2011-02-09 22:50
2010-2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta [940]
Rinspeed, I added the page for the Fiat Multipla, but when I add the motors and click on finish it tells me there is an error but I don't know which error is :??: 2011-02-09 16:14
1998-2000 Fiat Seicento
On such small cars there's not the rpm meter neither the oil indicator or the water thermometer 2011-02-09 15:18
2010-2016 Alfa Romeo Giulietta [940]
Very nice site! Congrats Rinspeed :king: 2011-02-09 01:47

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