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QAHamad Al Thani
Mitsubishi Pajero
2015 Cross Country Rally World Cup

BEGuy Deladrière (321)
1998 Dakar Rally

FRAndré Pasturel
Datsun Patrol
1984 Dakar Rally

LVElvijs Ķezis
MG Rover ZS
2013 Poland: Drift Championship

PLJerzy Dyszy
FSO Polonez 1600
1989 Poland: Rally Championship

PLJerzy Poznański
Polski Fiat 125p 1300
1983 Poland: Rally Championship

ESAlfonso Navarro
Renault Clio Sport N3
2001 Spain: Rally Championship (Asphalt)

FRHervé Rey
Renault Clio RS N3
2001 France: Rally Championship (Asphalt)

USPaul Choiniere
Audi 80 Quattro
1986 WRC: World Rally Championship