Origin: CN China

Founder Great Wall Motor

Years of Activity 2016-present

Parent Company Great Wall Motor

Headquarters Baoding, Hebei, China


  • Current Production

    Since 2020 Wey Tank 300

    Discontinued Production

    2020-2021 Wey VV6
    2020-2021 Wey VV7 GT Brabus
    2019-2021 Wey VV7 GT
    2017-2021 Wey VV7
    2018-2019 Wey P8
    2017-2019 Wey VV5s


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    FR SolanaBogon

    2023-11-26 14:53
    Chinese name was 魏派 (Wipi) but around 2023 it was changed to 魏牌 (Wipi)

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