Foj MPA Team

Origin: ES Spain

Founder Xavier Foj

Years of Activity Since 2006

Parent Company ?

Headquarters ?


  • Discontinued Production

    2019-2020 Foj MPA Team Toyota Land Cruiser T1
    2016-2018 Foj MPA Team Toyota Land Cruiser T2
    2014-2015 Foj MPA Team Toyota Hilux T3
    2014 Foj MPA Team Toyota Land Cruiser 150 T2
    2013 Foj MPA Team Toyota Land Cruiser 155 T2


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    PT Ford78

    2019-01-21 23:50
    From Team's official page:

    In 2006, Toyota Spain decided to create a competition team, in order to test the limits of its new Land Cruiser KXR model. Since then, it has participated in every edition of the rally, managing to occupy podium places, in the T2 category, in all of them. From the 2011 edition, the team developed a new vehicle, the Land Cruiser 150.

    In the 2012 edition of the Dakar rally, after an extremely hard race, starting from Mar del Plata and ending in Lima, and passing through Argentina, Chile and Peru, the team achieved victory for the first time.

    Toyota then decided not to continue with the same team format it had maintained since 2006. The structure remained the same, but the name was changed to Foj MPA Team, with which it achieved its second consecutive victory in the T2 category of the Dakar rally.

    The team returns to the classic structure for the Dakar 2017. Quim Rodn, who will be the chief of mechanics on road, and Nacho Santamara, our co-pilot, have been in charge of toning up the car. New this year, the assistance is provided by Quadafons."

    The Toyota Rally Raid Cars from 2013 onwards are built by Foj MPA Team.


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