1970-1986 Land-Rover Range Rover

Origin: UK United Kingdom

Class: Off-road / SUV

Mk 1



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RB Mark0

2011-10-28 14:18
The best SUV on world in my opinion.
My list
1. Range Rover (all versions)
2. Hummer H1
3. Land-Rover Series/Ninety/Defender
4. Lamborghini LM002
5. Cadillac Escalade (2nd & 3rd series)
6. Dodge Ram/Toyota Land Cruiser/Nissan Patrol/Toyota Hilux.
7. Ford F-150 Raptor/Lada Niva/Jeep Wrangler.
And i must include Willys MB as first real off-road SUV (SUV somehow doesn't feel right Willys :D )

FR Rinspeed

2011-02-28 10:26
Perhaps it's not the same year (another version) so you could add it if you want. We will see if it's the same or another.

RB Mark0

2011-02-28 10:21
Rinspeed i want to ask you. I can provide pics of my Range Rover. It has different lights, mirrors positions and interior is completly different. So should i add him as new page?

FR Rinspeed

2011-02-28 10:13
so you can do another page for it
MY subzero

2011-02-28 09:55
Oh yea, mine is the four door version

FR Rinspeed

2011-02-28 09:34
it's official pictures so i dont think it's necessary (but perhaps it's not the same version)
MY subzero

2011-02-28 03:36
Can I replace it with self made pic?
FR Tak

2011-02-10 18:16
The best

RB Mark0

2011-02-09 19:05

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