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2008-2010 Century Racing CR1

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Class: Race: Rally Raid — Origin: ZA

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2008-2010 Century Racing CR1

Technical Data

2.0 Turbo 6ST 4 Wheel Drive 2008
3.5 V6 Nissan 6ST 4 Wheel Drive 2009-2010

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Ford78 PT (1200)

2019-01-26 14:22


From the official page from Century Racing:

In 2009, the CR1’s turbo engine was replaced with a Nissan V6 3.5, and straight away reliability improved on the car. It didn’t show the same speed it did previously, but it could keep it up all day long. Carnival City should have seen it winning its first race overall after leading and dominating the whole weekend, until a small wire broke and the engine died 80km from the finish line. Many poles for both cars, but very few converted to wins.

Back on the local racing scene, the CR1 debuted in the 1st race of 2008, with very limited testing. The car was a radical departure from the current special vehicles, featuring 4wd, rear transverse mounted 2L turbo engine and double wishbone suspension at the rear. The car was never really a success due to big lack of reliability. Raw pace was above the opposition but the car never made it to the finish line that year despite almost winning the 2nd race of the season. Later on that year, building of the CR2 started, our own Dakar car, driven by Ernest Corbett. Under the skin the two cars carried a lot of common components such as the suspension system. The CR2 had a difficult start, rolling in its 1st test session, but going on to win the 1st race it completed, the Sun City 400 later that year."

Source- www.centuryracing.co.za/history-2/

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