1989-1991 Chrysler TC by Maserati

Origin: US USA

Class: Convertible

Chassis: Q-Body

Made in:
IT Lambrate, Milano (Innocenti)
IT Sparone, Torino (Maserati)



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DE Mieguy

2012-07-30 10:55
they really call it "Chrysler TC by Maserati". Look here at LeBaron Fanpage:


translation of:

"Es entstand aus einer 1984 gegrndeten Zusammenarbeit zwischen Maserati und Chrysler und baute auf dem Chassis des Dodge Daytona auf."

"It was created in 1984 together with Maserati and was build on a Dodge Daytona Chassis."

FR Rinspeed

2012-07-30 10:47
why by maserati?

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