1979-1981 Chrysler LeBaron

Origin: US USA

Class: Sedan

Chassis: M-Body

Mk 1



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NL Desscythe17

2014-01-17 17:11
Some clarification concerning the successors of this car:
The M-Body Chrysler LeBaron was downsized to the K-Body in 1981. At the same time, the R-Body New Yorker was downsized and in all fairness, they just put the New Yorker nameplate on the M-Body LeBaron and continued to build it until 1989. The Dodge M-Body counterpart of this car was called the Diplomat, which was built from 1976 until 1989 and confirms the 1976-1981 Chrysler LeBaron and 1981-1989 Chrysler New Yorker/Fifth Avenue to be the same cars.

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