Origine : IT Italie

Fondateur ?

Années d'Activité 2022-Present

Société Mère DR Automobiles Group

Siège Social Macchia d'Isernia, Italy


  • Production Actuelle

    Depuis 2022 SportEquipe S1
    Depuis 2022 SportEquipe S5
    Depuis 2022 SportEquipe S6
    Depuis 2022 SportEquipe S7
    Depuis 2022 SportEquipe SK


    Auteur Message

    IT PDP

    2022-08-20 14:35
    All cars are "Upcoming". SportEquipe is one of the two new brands of DR Group, together with ICKX. The DR and Evo cars are having great success now in Italy, so they are looking to expand. The model they created convinced many to copy it: a month ago the EMC Wawe 3, another Chinese car passed off as Italian, was presented. I will try to add it as soon as possible.

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